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Rea Beaumont Photo credit: Denise Grant 

(Click image to download)

Rea Beaumont Photo credit: Denise Grant (Click image to download)

Awaken - album cover (Click image to download)

Rea Beaumont, DMA, is an internationally recognized concert pianist and composer known for her powerful performances, finely crafted compositions, and critically acclaimed recordings.  She has premiered many works in collaboration with eminent composers, including R. Murray Schafer, while her own pieces are reviewed as having "compositional prowess” (The WholeNote, Toronto).  She is Faculty at the University of Toronto and the recipient of the SOCAN Foundation/MusCan Award of Excellence for the Advancement of Research in Canadian Music. 

Rea Beaumont's Shattered Ice (2013)

SHATTERED ICE Download at Dropbox 
First track on third album "A Conversation Piece" - Download

“Of particular interest to me is the first track (A Conversation Piece), Beaumont’s own Shattered Ice, which combines compositional prowess with her concern for the environment in an ominous work depicting the fragile ecosystem of the Canadian Arctic and the dangers posed by human intrusion” - Editor, DISCoveries, The WholeNote, Toronto