Beaumont is a pianist of world-class technique”

— Canadian Music Centre

"Liquid" (2021) is a newly released composition from award-winning concert pianist and composer Rea Beaumont to acknowledge 10 years of #UNESCO IIWQ (International Initiative on Water Quality).  With this first piece on Beaumont's new album, she continues to draw attention to major global issues, including climate change. 

Recorded by Rea Beaumont at CBC Glenn Gould Studio, Canadian Broadcasting Centre, Toronto.  


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For now, there are a few precious weeks where the world will focus on CLIMATE CHANGE" - Rea Beaumont


Dr. Rea Beaumont is an internationally recognized concert pianist and composer known for her powerful performances and “beautiful” recordings (American Public Media) that have been named 'Album of the Week' (CBC Radio 2)  and highlight global issues, such as climate change. 




Concert pianist and composer Rea Beaumont wrote "Shattered Ice" in 2013 after the mythic Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic became a reality with the first transit of a commercial cargo vessel. This exciting avant-garde composition evokes the pristine northern landscape and cautions that man's thunderous intrusion may destroy its fragile ecosystem.  

Recorded at CBC Glenn Gould Studio, Canadian Broadcasting Centre, Toronto  © ℗ 2013 Dr. Rea Beaumont. 

Beaumont's own Shattered Ice (2013) combines compositional prowess with her concern for the environment in an ominous work depicting the fragile ecosystem of the Canadian Arctic and the dangers posed by human intrusion.”

— The WholeNote (Toronto)

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Photo of Dr. Rea Beaumont:  @arnie_guha

"Shattered Ice" Cover Photo:  M. Nelson