“Of particular interest to me is the first track, Beaumont’s own Shattered Ice, which combines compositional prowess with her concern for the environment in an ominous work depicting the fragile ecosystem of the Canadian Arctic and the dangers posed by human intrusion”   
DISCoveries, The WholeNote (Toronto), CD Review: A Conversation Piece 

"Excellent new record of world premieres, including her own compositions… She plays beautifully on this record, all of it mesmerizing music by contemporary composers. ...This is music that releases you from the shackles of the seconds and the minutes ticking by. It brings you into a reflective place, a meditative place, and quiets the world around you, almost making you forget that such a thing as time exists.  ...beautiful new record by Rea Beaumont.”   
CBC Radio, CD Review: Timeless 

“The works are beautiful, sound quality is great, performances excellent, a special CD indeed”   
Radio Netherlands, CD Review: A Shrinking Planet

"Rea Beaumont … is no stranger to demanding Canadian repertoire”   
- Jason van Eyk, The WholeNote (Toronto) 

"Beaumont is a pianist of world-class technique…clearly aware of the secret that makes a piano recital engaging and interesting.”   
- Canadian Music Centre, solo concert review at CBC Glenn Gould Studio  

“it’s beautiful”   
American Public Media, CD Review: A Conversation Piece 

“Beaumont’s virtuosity is immediately communicated”  
Radio Netherlands, CD Review: Creating a Landscape 

“Here is a new music CD from a tremendous pianist, Canadian Rea Beaumont. …It is a beautiful piano CD.”  
CBC Radio: The Signal, CD Review: Creating a Landscape 

“Sometimes the planets align and fortune favours the bold.  These sayings only partially do justice to Réa Beaumont, who takes command of the stage of Glenn Gould Studio with a stunning set of contemporary works … Beaumont handles all of this repertoire with enviable ease.  … You absolutely must hear this.” 
- The WholeNote (Toronto), CD Review: Creating a Landscape 

“skillful playing (virtuoso!) and moving, and each time you listen you discover more details and colours”  
Radio Amsterdam, CD Review: A Conversation Piece 

“A Shrinking Planet is a beautiful and thoughtful CD by Rea Beaumont. … Recorded at Glenn Gould Studio, its centrepiece is the world premiere recording of Barbara Pentland’s ‘Small Pieces for a Shrinking Planet’” 
DISCoveries, The WholeNote (Toronto), CD Review: A Shrinking Planet 

“a blaze of pianist colour”  
The WholeNote (Toronto), CD Review: Timeless  

“The pianist pays tribute to this repertoire thanks to a solid technique and a clever interpretation of the different languages present… A nice and very accessible album.”  
La Scena Musicale (Montréal), CD Review: Timeless 

“The concert was sold-out and a great success”  
- Director, Canada House, solo concert review 

"a very powerful performance last week in the Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre… I think we may have won some new supporters for the contemporary cause!”   
- Director of Programming, Canadian Opera Company 

Photo: Arnie Guha

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