Rea Beaumont: Shattered ice

Shattered Ice

Rea Beaumont

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Recorded at CBC Glenn Gould Studio, Rea Beaumont's composition Shattered Ice protests against the environmental destruction in the Canadian Arctic resulting from trade and tourism.

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Of particular interest to me is the first track, Beaumont’s own Shattered Ice, which combines compositional prowess with her concern for the environment in an ominous work depicting the fragile ecosystem of the Canadian Arctic and the dangers posed by human intrusion. ”

— - Editor, DISCoveries, The WholeNote (Toronto)

Philip Glass: Mad Rush

Available on album Timeless
Pianist © Rea Beaumont
Videographer: Rosa Park
With permission from Dunvagen Publishers (Philip Glass)


Available on CD Creating a Landscape 
Pianist: © Rea Beaumont
Videographer: AJ Gray

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