What's in a name 

Welcome to “Beaumont's Blog”!   The point of my blog is to write on subjects in a less formal format.  The central theme will revolve around music and the arts, with occasional updates about my upcoming activities. This Blog is also an opportunity to answer questions from audience members and music students. 

Many people ask about the pronunciation of my name.  I recently learned the origin of my name. I was massively surprised to discover that it is closely connected to recurring concepts that permeate my music.

Rea, pronounced RAY-ah, means ‘flowing.’   In 2021, I wrote a composition called “Flow” that is part of my five-piece solo piano set “Liquid,” which highlights environmental issues. It also means to ‘go with the flow’ and I have recently learned to do more of that. 

Rea is derived from Rhea, of Greek origin, which means "the eternal flow of time.”  As a rather time-obsessed person - there is never enough of it - I  captured this sentiment in a number of my works, most overtly through my album “Timeless” and in a set of new piano pieces that I wrote earlier this year.

My surname Beaumont is pronounced BO-mont, French for “beautiful mountain." That could explain my fascination with mountain ranges. I wrote a set of piano pieces earlier this year with one movement paying tribute to my mountain view as a composer-in-residence.  Also, anyone who has flown over the Rocky Mountains in Western Canada knows that they seem to go on forever.  Gorgeous. 

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